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The official facts of the biography can tell many things and can be silent about many things as well. Much will be told by the paintings
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It is natural to wish to have a picture with which you feel affinity.

Write to the artist what picture you like, and you will get the information about the price of the picture.

Except the picture or instead of it you can always order a poster or the modern press on a canvas with the autograph of the author.
Everyone can afford such option of possession.
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Question: How did you become an artist? When did you definitively decide that you would go this way?
Artist Sergey Opuls - Painting "Autumn on Valaam Island"
Autumn on Valaam Island (1996)
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There are thin ruled connections Between a flower contour and a flower smell. So the brilliant is invisible to us until it doesn’t revive under facets in a diamond. (Valery Brucov. A sonnet to the form)
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